Hotpoint Appliance Repair

Hotpoint Appliance Repair

The story of Hotpoint Electric Heating Company is fascinating and profoundly encouraging. Did you know that Hotpoint pioneered creating a successful commercial product? Earl. H Richardson originally named his iron “Hotpoint” when he founded the Pacific Electric Heating Company. This iron later gained fame as a prominent laundry appliance. Perhaps even more surprising is that George A. Hughes and The Hughes Company introduced the electric stove in 1910. It was in 1912 that the Pacific Electric Heating Company officially adopted the name “Hotpoint Electric Heating Company.” By this time, Hotpoint had already become a household name. In 1914, the Hotpoint trademark received official registration from the US licensing office. In 1918, the Hughes Electric Heating Company joined forces with the Edison Electric Appliance Company. Hotpoint continued innovating electric stoves in two elegant colors, brown and black, until 1922. 1920 marked a significant partnership between Hotpoint Electric Heating Company in the UK and General Electric in the USA. This collaboration aimed to establish an agency for selling home appliances featuring GE’s renowned brands in the UK, and it was subsequently named HEAC. In 1922, Hotpoint unveiled its porcelain white stove, further expanding its product range, and in 1923, it upgraded its offerings to include a white range with nickel trim.

In 1929, Hotpoint Electric Heating Company became a subsidiary of GEC. Hotpoint’s dedication to innovation extended to refrigeration in 1931 when they introduced refrigerators to their product lineup. This endeavor eventually led to the merger of Hotpoint with General Electric Company, forming Edison General Electric Company.

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In 1935, Raymond C. Sandin joined Hotpoint, bringing his expertise to the design department. The year 1944 saw the magazine “Kitchen of the Future” advertisement, a testament to the forward-thinking design ethos that Hotpoint embodied. Raymond C. Sandin’s design team expanded from 13 to 14 members in 1965, with him remaining as the department’s director until his passing. In 1989, General Domestic Appliances, a division of General Electric Company, acquired Hotpoint, ensuring its legacy of quality and innovation would continue. In 2001, Merloni received nearly 50 percent of Marconi plc. Subsequently, Hotpoint gained prominence in Europe after being marketed and sold by Merloni in 2005. Indesit had long-term plans to position Hotpoint as its premier brand, with this vision starting to take shape as early as 2007. Today, we proudly recommend Hotpoint Repair Services for all your appliance needs. We provide our customers with high-quality and competitive services, ensuring your appliances are well-maintained. If you require assistance, do not hesitate to contact us immediately. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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