JennAir Appliance Repair

JennAir Appliance Repair

JennAir’s presence in the industrial sector extended to a diverse range of commercial and industrial applications, leading to the sale of self-ventilating exhaust fans to various industries. In 1961, JennAir introduced the world’s first self-ventilated cooktop, seamlessly integrating cooktops with exhaust fans. This groundbreaking invention propelled JennAir into the competitive market of kitchen appliances, earning a reputation for delivering top-notch quality to its customers. With this success, JennAir expanded its product line to encompass kitchen appliances such as microwave ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators, blenders, and mixer grinders. These small appliances came in semi-portable and fully portable designs, some suitable for tabletop placement, while others found their place on specific countertops. Over time, the company continued to innovate, diversifying its range of kitchen appliances. The journey to the top commenced in the late 1960s with the introduction of the first-ever downdraft ventilation cooktop in 1965. Two years later, in 1967, JennAir unveiled an electric grill cooktop with downdraft ventilation and a single grill. As the years passed, the company experienced significant growth in size and sales, crossing the $100 million sales mark in 1981. 1982, Maytag Corporation acquired JennAir Corporation; in 2006, Whirlpool Corporation took over Maytag Corporation.

With this acquisition, Whirlpool became the largest producer of home appliances, boasting a global workforce of over 70,000 employees and a presence in more than 70 manufacturing units and research centers worldwide. The company earned a place in the Fortune 500, with its annual turnover reaching $18.4 billion, per recent reports.

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If you detect a malfunction in your appliance, the need for repair becomes evident. Before initiating any repair work, always remember to unplug the device. However, it’s worth considering that seeking professional assistance for appliance repair is often a wiser choice. Attempting DIY repairs can worsen the situation, increasing expenses and wasted time. Instead, you can contact our JennAir Appliance Repair company for expert assistance the day you get us. Our company provides warranties for all the services we offer. With years of experience in providing household appliance repair services, our JennAir appliance repair company has amassed a satisfied customer base who now enjoy well-functioning appliances. The success of our company depends on the high qualifications of our specialists. By applying to our company to repair household appliances, you can join the ranks of our satisfied customers.

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