Replace the Microwave Oven's Turntable Motor

Replace the Microwave Oven’s Turntable Motor

The turntable helps to cook your food and eliminate hot spots evenly. It does this by rotating your food while it is boiling. Turntable motor failure can cause the glass turntable to stop turning or become stuck. This could affect the performance of your micro. Your Microwave may have experienced this problem because the motor has failed or because of a cracked drive coupling. This is the place to go if you want to replace the turntable in your Microwave. No need to panic! How to replace a turntable motor in a microwave without damaging it.

Switch off Your Appliance

Safety First: Switch off the appliance at its mains before you start any repair.

Please turn on the Microwave at its highest point

First, remove the turntable, roller, and cabinet to get to the motor.

Release Panel

On your model, you may find the access plate attached to the panel’s bottom in various places. The access panel can be removed by using a pair of side cutters. This time, you only need to unscrew the panel to access the turntable’s motor.

Remove Drive Motor & Coupling

Once the panel is removed, you can access your drive motor, typically located behind the back of the Microwave. Then, pull the screws from either side. Lift the motor and drive the coupling out.

  • Check if your motor or coupling is defective

    This model has the drive coupled inside. Some models may have the drive coupled accessible internally. The drive coupling should be able to turn freely in the turntable motor. It shouldn’t have any fractures or cracks. The issue will likely be the turntable.

  • Replacing the Turntable Motor

    You will first need to disconnect all the electrical connectors. (You may have to press your finger into the connector to do this) Once disconnected, make sure the connectors don’t fall into the cabinet. Now you can transfer the electrical connectors from your old motor to your new one. After that, fit the drive coupling to the new one and carefully place it in the Microwave. Reattach the motor to the turntable using the screws.

  • Attach Cover Access

    You can now replace the cover. It hooks in on one end and has a small screw that holds it on the other. If you do not have a screw, you can try using one of the cabinet screws that are on your Microwave. Congratulations on resolving your turntable problem! It’s time to return to making tasty, quick meals with your Microwave.