Resetting Maytag Dishwashers with Control Panel Issues

Resetting Maytag Dishwashers with Control Panel Issues

Your dishwasher helps you clean up mess after meals. Your dishwasher may not start, and you must spend extra time cleaning after the meal. The dishwasher may need to reset if too many cycles are not started or the start button is pressed repeatedly. Another common issue that requires dishwasher troubleshooting is an activated control lock, an active sleep mode., a selected delay wash cycle, not closing the door completely, having the water off, or needing the power cycled to reset. Here are some tips to help you restart your dishwasher.

Where’s the button for the dishwasher reset?

Dishwashers usually need to be equipped with a dedicated button for resetting the machine. Your dishwasher can be reset by unplugging its power supply for a full minute and then plugging it back in. If your dishwasher is hardwired into a power source or the plug can’t be easily reached, turn off its breaker at the home electrical panel. Restart it after one minute.

Bad Dishwasher Control Board Symptoms

It may be necessary to reset the dishwasher if it is in sleep or control mode or if there has been a delay in washing. The door may need to be closed properly, or power and water have been cut.

  • Control lock activated

    If you set the control lock, you can avoid accidentally changing cycle settings or using the machine during the wash. However, it could prevent the dishwasher from working after pressing Start. In some models, the control lock will cause a light to flash when you push buttons on your control panel. Holding the Lock Button for three seconds will deactivate Control Lock mode. For exact instructions, consult your owner’s manual.

  • Sleeping Mode activated

    Some dishwashers have a sleep or standby mode they can enter when not in operation. You can deactivate sleep mode by closing the door, opening it again, or pressing the Cancel, Start/Resume, or Resume buttons.

  • Delay Option Selected

    Delay Start allows the dishwasher to be loaded and detergent added, but it will start its cycle automatically later in the morning. When this option is enabled, some dishwashers will display a delay light or countdown. To initiate the countdown, you may have to press the Start/Resume key within 30 seconds. You can cancel the delay-wash option on some models by pressing the delay button again when the timer starts to count down. You will immediately be able to start the dishwasher. The delay wash indicator should also turn off.

  • Unlatched Window

    Before starting the cycle, make sure to latch the door completely. If the dishwasher door doesn’t close, make sure you have the dish rack correctly installed.

  • Power Disconnection

    Hardwiring is more likely than plugging into an outlet. While hardwiring may be less likely to become loose, your dishwasher’s circuit breakers could have tripped. Find your house’s electrical panel and find the breaker for your dishwasher. Flip the switch into “off” and “on” positions for a minute.

  • Shutoff Water Supply

    Dishwashers are connected to a house’s water supply under the kitchen sink. If the knob for the water supply is in the off position, it may not work correctly or stop operating. Find the metal supply line beneath your kitchen and follow it to the base of the knob. To ensure the dishwasher is receiving water, turn the knob in a counterclockwise direction. Consult your owner’s manual for model-specific instructions.

How Do I Reset The Dishwasher Control Panel

Follow these steps if any of your dishwasher buttons do not work or if they’re blinking. Consult your owner’s manual, as the steps can vary by model.

How to troubleshoot a Dishwasher control panel

  • Step 1:

    Press the “Cancel/Resume” that won’t illuminate, then unplug from the outlet. You should turn off a breaker if the plug cannot be accessed under the sinker.

  • Step 2:

    Then, wait approximately 1 minute and plug the cord back into the AC socket or flip back the breaker.

  • Step 3:

    Start a cycle again and see if it works properly. If you need help, contact us.

Troubleshooting the blinking light on the Dishwasher Control Panel

You may see your dishwasher blinking if you have opened the door or interrupted the power during the cycle. You can prevent this by pushing the door firmly closed within 3 seconds of pressing the Start Button. You may see blinking lights on the control board if the dishwasher has been set for Delay Start. The lights on the control panel will stop flashing once you press the Start button.