The Cost of Microwave Repairs: A Complete Guide

The Cost of Microwave Repairs: A Complete Guide

Microwaves can be great for a quick, easy dinner, popping popcorn or steaming veggies. Is it really worth fixing a microwave, and how much will it cost? The average cost of repairing a microwavable is $175. This includes labor and parts. The cost of repairing a microwave is relatively low, but it’s still worth evaluating whether or not you should replace the appliance instead. We’ve broken down the cost of each alternative below.

Microwave Repair cost breakdown

If you’re wondering how much it’ll cost to fix this handy kitchen gadget, you’ve come to the right place. Microwave repair prices are affected by both labor and material costs. In general, it costs around $175 on average to repair a Microwave. This can vary from $50-500. Most homeowners are willing to pay between $100-200, which includes labor and replacement parts.


In some instances, a microwave repair may also require the purchase of a replacement component. Materials can range from $5 per lightbulb to $300 per microwave door.


Most local appliance repair techs charge between 50 and 150 dollars per hour. You’ll pay less for the service if you take your appliance to one of these companies, though you’ll have to wait longer. The appliance will be placed in a queue with others, and it could take several days to complete the repair.

Repair costs by type of microwave

How much you will pay for a microwave repair depends on the model. Countertop microwaves cost less and are easier to fix than over-the-range or built-in models.

  • Countertop

    Fixing a microwave countertop can cost between $50 and $300. This type of microwave is often easier to repair, as it’s more accessible.

  • Built-In

    Repairing an integrated microwave costs anywhere from $50 to $500. Due to its limited access and custom design, repairing a built-in microwave may cost more. You can also expect to pay higher hourly rates if it takes longer for the pro to fix your microwave.

  • Over-the-Range

    Repairing over-the-range (or hood) microwaves costs $50 to $500. As with built-in models, the repair person must access the microwave by working around cabinets and tops of ranges. This increases the time needed to repair the microwave.

Cost of Microwave Repair by Type

Repairs can range from minor fixes like changing the lightbulb to major ones like replacing or repairing a microwave door. The following are some typical microwave repairs, along with their costs. Most electricians charge hourly rates for minor repairs.

  • Magnetron Replacement

    Magnetrons are the heating element that drives your microwave. Your food will be as cold as ice without it. The average cost of replacing a microwave magnetron is between $100 and 200. The cost of replacing the magnetron is half the price. If you want to save some money, install the replacement part yourself.

  • Diode Replacement

    A microwave diode can cost anywhere between $55 to $130. This essential part of your microwave may be relatively cheap, but a faulty one can cause sparks. A licensed electrician is needed to install it. An electrician can cost between $50 and $100 per hour.

  • Microwave Fuse Replace

    Replacing a microwave fuse costs between $10 and $15. The repair is usually straightforward, but you may pay $50 to $100 if you hire an appliance repairer.

  • Microwave Fan Replacement

    It will cost $75 to $200 to fix your broken microwave. This microwave part circulates the air within your appliance through a ventilator system. A built-in, over-therange Microwave is more expensive to repair due to its inaccessibility.

  • Replace or repair the touch panel

    Replace a malfunctioning touchscreen for between $100-300. Replacing a touch panel can range from $100 to $300.

  • Transformer Repair

    Transformers are repaired for between $100 and $220 on average. If it is a simple problem, you will pay less, but the cost may be higher if there are more complicated issues. If your appliance is difficult to get to, it may take longer for you to repair or replace it.

  • Replace Door Switch

    A faulty door switch can cost between $50 and 100 dollars to fix. Even if you only need to adjust the door switch, it may not cost you a cent. In contrast, the costs will primarily go towards the materials if the switch needs to be replaced. Anyone can do the replacement of a door switch.

  • Microwave filter replacement

    Repairing your microwave filter ranges from $50 to $125, depending on its type and extent. Cleaning a dirty microwave filter can sometimes be enough. Sometimes, you will need to replace your entire microwave filter. Spend more money on large, over-the-range filters. Countertop microwave filters will cost less. Your microwave model will also affect the price of a replacement filter. Name-brand companies often charge more than generic brands.

  • Microwave Door Glass Replace

    Repairing the Glass on a microwave door costs between $150 and 400 on average. Glass can cost anywhere between $100 and $300, which is the bulk of the cost. The price of models with large and high-quality glass doors can be higher than those with smaller or lower-quality glass doors.

  • Glass Plate Replace

    Replacement of a microwave or its motor can cost between $50 and $230. Your glass plate issue can be attributed to either the glass turntable or the motor. You may have a problem with the motor if the glass plate will not turn. You may only need to replace your engine if the Glass is fixed. Replacement of the glass turntable can cost between $25 and $130, while that of the motor is between $15 and $100.

  • Door Replacement

    This type of repair costs the highest of all kinds of repairs. The average price of replacing a microwave is between $200 and $500. The door is not difficult to install, but the cost of doors accounts for most of this repair.

Additional cost factors

The cost of repairing a microwave can be affected by several factors, including the type of microwave you have, the labor and materials used, and the types of repairs.

  • Accessibility

    Is it easy to get to your microwave’s worn or broken? If you hire a professional, the accessibility required to fix the problem will impact the cost. If cabinets block the MicroMicrowave, it will cost more to repair.

  • Service Charges

    Your appliance technician may charge a service fee of $50 to $100. The fee is usually to cover the travel costs of the technician. Ask about it in advance so you remember.

  • Warranties

    You may be lucky if your MicroMicrowavetill is still covered by warranty. Some microwave warranties will cover your repair costs in whole or in part. You can check your warranty to determine if you are eligible for coverage.